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Art Inspires Art: How Does a Bird Imagine? What Does a Tree Know?

March 1 - August 31, 2014

Visit the Everett Children’s Library at Brooklyn Children’s Museum to experience poetry, interactive sculptures, and festive banners developed by artists from The Touchstone Center for Children. Celebrating 45 years in art education, The Touchstone Center was founded by poet and educator, Richard Lewis, and has resulted in numerous publications. These publications have gone on to inspire visual and theatrical arts education experiences in New York City schools. Featuring two interactive sculptures, “A Tree Lives” and “The Bird of Imagining,” this exhibit helps children to explore poetry and art, and learn how one art form can inspire another.



Brooklyn Block Laboratory,
Chase Visiting Exhibits Gallery

April 5 - August 31, 2014

Brooklyn Block Laboratory is a new 1,000 sq. ft. pop-up activity area that provides engaging hands-on learning experiences through block play. Children and families design and experiment with different building blocks, creating imaginative structures, stacking, sorting, and talking. Utilizing a curated selection of wood, foam, and magnetic blocks, families and teachers examine how children interact and speak during the building process.


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